Decked Out Cinema

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Join us for a special sneak peak of the PNW short film about the cyclical nature of human desire and greed: Desire’s Masquerade. An indebted aristocrat attempts to overpower an insidious oil baron, but as pressures rise the temptation of desire may prove too much to bare. Showing Friday & Saturday 10:00pm followed by a Q & A.

Make sure not to miss our other featured films:

  • Airport Theory: Director: Angel Enriquez
  • How much does a polar bear weigh: Director: Amaia Yoldi & Miguel Catala
  • Do not like me in dreams: Directed by: Anthony Nixon
  • Censorship White: Directed by: Claudia Aguilar Quintero
  • Titan: Directed by: Alvaro Gonzalez
  • Sømand: Directed by: Gabriel Tzafka
  • Chip Monkster: Marwan Nahle
  • Eldur A Himni: Directed by: Boris Schaarschmidt
  • Espercojaos Spotless: Directed by: Jean Defrancisco
  • Golconda: Directed by:
  • Launch Pad for Consciousness: Directed by: Ezry Keydar
  • Loom: Directed by Marwan Nahle
  • M-D-A: by Ankh Sessions
  • Maisha: Directed by: Lula Gomez & Jordi Piulachs
  • Do Not See: Directed by: Jaime Alonso de Linaje
  • Shades of Gray: Directed by: Alexandra Averyanova
  • Untamed: By Marwan Nahle
  • Bishops Castle: By Cameron Boyd
  • Buddy: By Margarete Boyd