Balancing the Elements: A Tangible Approach to Finding Your Center

Class Description

Have you ever found yourself feeling less than 100% at a festival, not understanding what threw you off center and desperately wanting to come back? This workshop will give you the basic information and tools needed to regain personal balance by understanding basic signs and symptoms of the body and what they mean. Each sign, symptom and emotion in the body is a whisper that reveals the way back to a centered place. If we listen to our bodies whisper, we don’t have to hear them scream. In our daily lives, and especially in times when we are put up against our edges, it is vitally important to have the tools needed to keep ourselves in a balanced state. We have all come in contact with this concept, whether personally or in discussion, and understand its importance to some degree. However, all too often, the imbalance (expressed in symptoms) gets overlooked and we find ourselves in a state on instability, without the tools to bring us back to our much-needed center. In these times, it is important to know that we are all ruled by the elements. Just as we find the elements present in nature, we also have these same elements present within our own bodies; and, just like in nature, the balance of the elements governs our bodies. Come join me as we explore elemental theory in this introduction to Ayurveda workshop. Walk away with the information and tools needed to regain your center and find authentic balance.

About Sarah Anvik

For over a decade I have been working within the realm on natural medicine and holistic health. This shift began as a personal journey and over the years has transformed into a life path. This path, my dharma, has become my focus and passion. Through it, I have found so many amazing teachers and overcome my own personal limitations to discover what I have to offer this world, and what I am truly capable of. It was many years ago that my life’s focus shifted to holistic healing. The shift was created upon realizing that yoga was a way of life. In this realization, whole food nutrition held a deeper value, and movement- primarily asana and dance- became deeply healing forms of expression. Similarly, natural medicine – herbs, essential oils and plant medicine became vital in healing my body, mind and spirit. In my journey, offering education and healing to my community became priority. This need led me to become a yoga teacher, which fed my soul for many years to follow. In the deepening of my personal education, I found Ayurveda. For the last two and a half years, I have dedicated myself to learning this science, and found that all my practiced healing modalities were connected under the blanket of Ayurveda. I recently graduated from my education program and earned a Wellness Counselor certification, allowing me to practice Ayurveda though nutrition counseling, lifestyle counseling as well as adding a supplement to my yoga teaching certificate. I specialize in pulse consultations, focusing on emotional health as well as physical imbalances. I also practice non-violent communication and offer relationship coaching and mediation. In addition, I offer personal yoga therapy as well as Ayurvedic massage and traditional Ayurvedic treatments. These offerings are precious, and I feel so blessed to offer them.