How to Combat Doubt and Insecurity

Class Description

Every human has doubts and intelligence alone can’t save us. EGO has the ability to bully, keeping you in a state of anxiety and fear. Eating up your brain’s energy and attacking your self value instead of promoting positive growth and power. Want the tools to work past these blockages? This workshop shows you where negativities come from, and how to combat and DISIDENTIFY from them. Learn to combat your doubts and resonate with your inner truth.

About Gregor Reti

Workshop had 3,500+ participants and is based on the book “Sex&EgoDeath”. Gregor died at 13, met God, lost all death-related fears, “a starting point to explore life, leading me to Soulmate, a personalized Universe and even Satan.” Gregor teaches sharing truth courageously. “Humanity will survive only in complete honesty.” As Buddhist, my passion shifted from chasing money, to now teaching self appreciation through courage”. There is a battle inside of our heads: Logic, which is often associated with Control and Anxiety – versus – your Faith and Connectedness, your Intuition, which just knows without the “whys” and the “hows”.