How to Dismantle Toxic Masculinity

Class Description

Contrary to popular belief, the term “toxic masculinity” didn’t come from a feminist critique of patriarchy. The concept, based on the idea that modern masculinity is distorted by a rejection of the feminine, actually comes from the Mythopoetic men’s movement inspired by the thinking of Robert Bly, Joseph Campbell, and Carl Jung. In this talk, we will explore ways to identify and dismantle harmful cultural assumptions of manliness in ourselves and our immediate communities. Most importantly, we will collaborate on strategies to bridge the alienation experienced by men of differing belief systems in our country. In the age of Trump, the ultimate symbol of underdeveloped “boy psychology” it is critical that we take our exploration of gender identity beyond the fabulousness of festival culture and speak to our countrymen with love and acceptance.

About Eamon Armstrong

Eamon is a social alchemist and festival philosopher who travels the world discovering the most epic human gatherings and reporting on them. His mission as Creative Director of Everfest (formerly Fest300) is to unite the global festival community and inspire cultural curiosity. He is a long-time member of the Burning Man world and can be found at any immersive event that inspires collective effervescence. He writes thought-leading articles on subjects like harm reduction, personal growth, and participatory culture and manages the content strategy of Fest300’s influential magazine for festival lifestyle and culture. A veteran of the stage, his animated public speaking is grounded in an authentic desire to connect with his audience, model vulnerability and inspire personal transformation through festival culture.