How to Give Less F*cks

Class Description

How to Give Less F*cksĀ is an informal discussion-based workshop that focuses on helping its participants achieve a deeper understanding of how they move within the currents of the world around them, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically. The aim of the workshop is twofold: To recognize the ways that you allow yourself to be influenced negatively and to find the inner zen to allow yourself to let negativity slide off without sticking.

It is the highest level of go with the flow. It is the ability to face adverse conditions without panicking. It is the slayer of road rage and all other time-wasting anger over inconsequential irritations. It is the goal of this workshop to leave the attendants seated firmly within themselves as individuals confident of their ability to deal with all that life will throw at them.

About Patrick Adigweme

Patrick Adigweme is a part-time poet, part-time producer, and a full-time devourer of knowledge. He lives in Portland, Oregon with 37 houseplants.