Green Speaks

Class Description

This focus of this casual workshop will talk about developing greenhouses, enriching soil, beneficial insects, pollinator plants, compost teas, indoor and outdoor food production and understanding the importance of growing your own food. The ideas will be presented on a gently guided tour with lots of crowd participation such as questions, hands on cultivation, composting and compost teas, finding examples of bugs and flowers, tasting of edible flowers and micro greens. Also, facilitating group discussion of what organic means now compared to what it meant “back in the day”, big agriculture (commercial) verse small-scale (subsistence) farming and what that means to us as consumers.

About Bo Dean

I am a gumbo born, middle East Coast raised lover of life, family, food and friends. I have dedicated the last 4 years to deep organic produce production during the winter months in particular utilizing the shoulder seasons of fall and spring. I would like to present the first steps of creating a more sustainable Wolf Run Ranch while it is still in its earliest stages while laying the groundwork for the years to come.