Toon in! – Becoming the Animated YOU

Class Description

Join us as we get silly on Sunday! Toon in and become your most animated self. Learn how to slow down, exaggerate, and define your movements. Develop your character with dynamic physicality, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Using techniques and styles inspired by Commedia dell’arte, Vaudeville, and Broadway we will explore the world of cartoons, clowns, and caricatures!

About Maya Papaya

An unforgettable performer made of true star quality, Maya Papaya is The Happiest Girl in The World. With over 10 years of experience as a professional entertainer, she will leave you enchanted every time you see her. Maya Papaya is a passionate, positive, pure force of nature. When she’s not busy falling in love or falling down a rabbit hole, Maya Papaya can be found clowning around with the circus, melting hearts, and frolicking in the forest… Let your fantasies come to life with Maya Papaya.

Born and raised in central Virginia, Maya Papaya has been entertaining since she could walk and talk. With an insatiable thirst for the arts, Maya dove deep into the world of theatre, dance and music. After traveling the east coast for a year, she moved to Seattle Washington in 2008 where her passion for performing continued to grow. She formed a band playing shows at local venues, street performing and traveling, taking the band on tour. She also began her burlesque career immersing herself in the community and working regularly with well established troupes and variety shows.

In 2011 Maya Papaya moved down to Los Angeles CA, where her performance career exploded. She continued to polish her craft and became a founding member of a theatre company. Her desire to learn and train increased as she developed new skills and communities beginning work as a Mermaid, and continuing her work as a Musician, Clown, Princess, Circus Performer, Fire Dancer and Artistic Model. She continues to travel the world spreading passion and love of the arts and the human experience wherever she goes.