Astro Yoga Freedom Flow

Class Description

Drop into a Vinyasa Yoga Flow class themed around the cosmic conditions during What The Festival, as inspired by the moon, planets, and stars. To set the vibe just right, each student will be gifted a crystal specifically chosen to highlight this theme. We will move, breathe, and flow with the rhythms of the universe, and then close our practice with a ‘crystal-coated’ savasana. Come ready to play, re-charge, and lay back with the crystal provided on the corresponding chakra. Each step of the class is planned to allow us to fully absorb the vibrations of the earth + cosmos. Yoga teaches us that all of nature is constantly spinning around us trying to show us the pathways towards liberation. In this class, we will seek to open ourselves up to this ancient and timeless wisdom, embarking on a journey to freedom.

About Paula Pavlova

Paula Pavlova is a certified Yoga Instructor and meditation leader, committed creating a space where her students feel safe and comfortable to embark on a journey through their vast souls. In Paula’s classes, you will be guided into meditation & asana inspired by nature, crystals, ambient music and art. Paula teaches meditation in a way that offers a path to centered ease and personal inspiration through visualization, pranayama (breathing techniques), and movement. Paula is the co-founder of GAIA Collective, an organization focused on connecting to our Mother Earth, GAIA, and the universe beyond through crystals, essential oils, alchemical creations, tied together with moon rituals and meditations.