Dance Commander Experience

Class Description

This is a unique fusion of full on get freaky dance party and heart-first intentional movement practice. Inspired by beats from dancehall, full spectrum EDM, old-school pop and hip-hop favorites, The Dance Commander will guide us in a dance experience where everyone feels like the BAD ASS they are. Glittered sweat is flung and endless amounts of high-fives and smiles are shared. Everyone will leave feeling like their inner dance spirit animal is fully awake and ready to roar. Expect to booty pop and fist-pump your way into the most blissed-out dance floor hangover you’ve never known.

About Celeste Bolin

Celeste is an interesting mixture of part dance floor rabble-rouser, part whimsical yogini and somewhere in there is a scientist as well (her other life is as a Biology professor). How do all these things come together? She believes in the magic of the body, the power of personal expression, the journey that community festivals take us on that change us forever, and how legitimately we can mold our personal biologies with our transformational movement experiences. She is Dr. Bolin, the Dance Commander and the experience of her method is best felt on a sweaty dance floor…