Elemental Movement Exploration

Class Description

Elemental Movement Exploration is a way to reconnect to back to the body and the bigger body of Mother Earth that we are a part of. This workshop is liberating and empowering while not forgetting laughter as an essential component in shaking things up. Numerous exercises will strengthen and expose the bones of what dance is. We will explore movement from a place of sincerity and pure expression. Participants will be led through a journey of internal reconnection and expand into making connections with the people around us. Open hearts help, but no previous dance experience needed for these fun and freeing exercises.

About Sheradan Aunee

Sheradan has led numerous workshops in a several different fields of expertise. She combines her expansive knowledge of the body and the world into a movement class that is equally meditative as it is liberated with laughter. Among many passions, she owns her own craft and clothing company. Sheradan has led workshops for 7 different festivals in the Northwest Region and worked as a stage director in Texas as well as performing for artists like Troy Boi, Soohan, and DJ Drez.