Ezentially Yin

Class Description

A restorative, yin yoga and essential oil experience to titillate the senses and rejuvenate the nervous system. Enter the sacred space within your own experience as you engage all the senses. Transport to a state of deep restoration and renewal through long held yin and restorative yoga postures enhanced with pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Walk away feeling rested and rejuvenated with an open heart and authentically planted roots.

About Corrine Hathaway

Corrine’s teaching style, just like her study and practice, is a constant evolution. She tries to come to every class, private session and practice with the motto of bringing our practice to our bodies and not the other way around. In a class with Corrine, one can expect to be guided to notice what your body asks of you; however, if you’re not quite able to hear those inquiries, Corrine will help guide you in a way that reminds you how to ask questions and listen for the response. She brings an element of tradition and reverence to a playful exploration of mind, body and spirit in a carefree and safe environment. Tears, laughter, giggles, questions and anything else you can think of that wouldn’t fly in a yoga class are all welcome. Corrine does her best to help you honor where you are because that is the only place Yoga will meet you.