Foundations of Hooping

Class Description

This workshop focuses on the fundamentals of hoop dance and how to find your flow; perfect for beginners or those who want to go back to the fundamentals. We will be going over on-body movements such as waist hooping, knee hooping, chest hooping, moving with the hoop, etc.

We will also be covering off-body tricks including isolations, weaving, jump-throughs, folding, and hinges. This workshop will go at an active pace to provide fitness lessons, and will also incorporate elements of yoga and various forms of dance as well!

About Kat Flows

Kat Flows has been studying hoop dance actively for about a year. She was drawn to it after watching a hooper and loved how free it looked. After buying her first hoop, she never put it down. Kat loves to mix elements of various forms of dance and yoga into her hoop flow. She believes hooping is a wonderful form of meditation and wants to share her passion with others. Since beginning her studies in hooping, Kat has also began training in fire performance, aerial silks, multiple hoop dance, wanding, fans, and much more.