Hoop Toss Like a Boss

Class Description

Get your hooping noticed from hundreds of feet away with tosses! All skill levels welcome! Tosses covered: J-tosses, wheel-plane tosses, and even tossing using your feet or neck. Additionally, different styles of catching will be taught such as the catch- toss, shoulder break catch, and behind the back. Instructor will bring 26”OD 5/8” polypro tubing hoops for new students who don’t have one to use, or for students to use more than they brought.

About Phil Illy 

Phil Illy is a Portland-based circus artist who specializes in hooping, handstands, juggling, and fire performance. He has been practicing various circus disciplines for 5 years. He has taught handstand and hoop workshops at Pacific Fire Gathering and Burning Man. Phil is capable of handstand hoop-twerking—which is the ultimate mating call.