Intro to Breaking

Class Description

The world-famous acrobatic street dance is broken down for all ages and levels. You will learn what it could mean to practice hard for 60 minutes a day for the next 12 years, to become a real B-Boy-B-Girl. We’ll identify and explore develop 5 elements of this dynamic and explosive movement style––top rocks, floor work, transitions, freezes, and how to freestyle dance. While this class doesn’t offer any extreme like shoulder bangs, or head spins, you’ll receive some needed tools to become a confident and strong dancer while in a fun, safe and supportive environment. With instruction from Vo Vera’s 15+ years of experience, he draws from his yoga training (RYT-200), as well as from his training as a hand balancer, namely to make sure that you will break it down without breakin’ ya neck!

About Vo Vera

Vo Vera began his movement career as a B-boy in the streets of rural Arizona & Germany. Over the last 15+ years he has grown a heart for versatility, having received formal dance training from Arizona State University, MCC and SCC, 2 B.A.’s from ASU, and a RYT-200 yoga certification from SWIHA. Instructor, choreographer, competitor and performance artist, he has various performance groups, most recently with The Sacred G’s. Vo has been teaching accredited dance courses on the university level, as well as at yoga & transformational festivals, since 2015. As a practitioner and instructor his biggest influences come from geometry, various urban movement styles especially abstract Breaking, asana and pranayama of yoga, and hand balancing. His diverse interests and knack for creativity led him to cross-pollinate all he had accumulated. The outcome: A fresh and unique approach toward intentional movement.