Introduction to Intermediate Poi

Class Description

For poi artists who wish to expand upon the basics of movement and transitions for poi dancing. Become familiar with breaking down intermediate and advanced moves and aquire the tools to teach and push yourself further.

·Basic knowledge of poi and plane control
·3 beat weave (forward and backward)
·2 beat weave (both hands dominant and both directions)


Come learn and play!

About Michael McDonald

Michael began his journey in Poi four years ago after an injury left limited use in his left shoulder. Looking for a way to self-rehabilitate he found Poi and his life has never been the same.

Starting off as a self taught student he quickly made impressions in his local community by dedicating himself to the art. Soon he was performing with Bellingham circus guild and would later train under Nicholas Woolsey (playpoi) and Alien Jon. He now resides and teaches Poi in Portland, OR.

His other interests include combining the art of stilt walking with Poi, and hand balance.