Sacred Bellydance

Class Description

Our bodies are profound tools of power, portals of ecstatic bliss, literally infused with the shakti of creation itself. Through intentional awareness, breath and movement (dance) we can access this power and consciously work with and through it. My workshops are an opportunity to dive deep into the transformational potential that lies within our own body temples. Through a sacred synthesis of temple dance traditions, eastern movement modality, yogic practices and divine dance expression we will vitalize and empower ourselves, honoring and tuning our bodies as the profound alchemical instruments they are.

In this workshop we will experience the many fun and beneficial qualities of the enchanting and empowering ancient practice of bellydance. Through the glorious wave-like undulations, serpentine movements, spirals, infinity loops, and full body vibrations we will dance our way into bright and blissful being! This sacred dance form provides direct access to our power center; activating our creative potential, enhancing our intuition and connecting us with our divine source of power!

About Sedona Soulfire

Sedona Soulfire is a life long dancer; for the last 13 years she has had a primary focus on Dances of the Silk Road and has performed and taught across the globe. She has spent many years exploring the depth, power and beauty of Belly Dance, Classical Indian and Nepalese Temple Dance as well as various Yoga lineages. She weaves her knowledge of these ancient art forms into her own sacred synthesis of embodiment practices, movement modalities and divine dance expression.

She appears on numerous performance and instructional DVDS and is a teacher on the Global Online Belly Dance Studio – Datura Online. When she is not teaching or performing abroad you will find her in Portland Oregon, where she produces conscious sacred art events, leads women’s wellness circles, teaches weekly dance classes and facilitates community ceremonial celebrations. She is director and choreographer of Portland based Soulfire Sacred Dance Ensemble and is honored to weave magic with many other companies as well. She dedicates all her work towards the awakening of human consciousness and the realization of the Divinity within.