Speak Through Movement: Using Acroyoga to Learn Couples’ Communication

Class Description

We see our loved ones more than anyone else, communicating with them daily. Yet this very exposure can lead to deep communication issues. In this workshop, we use Acroyoga to teach healthy couples communication. The emphasis of this class is communication, so the yoga itself is very low impact. That being said, you are guaranteed to leave with a strong foundation to further your Acroyoga exploration. This workshop will be most effective for those already in established relationships, but we will easily accommodate those who come alone as well. We will be teaching skills that will benefit all.

About Greg Lanton and Madeleine Jones

Communication, relationships and acro have been shared passions of Greg and Madeleine’s over the last four years as they’ve built their own relationship. Madeleine is a certified yoga teacher who loves teaching a strong vinyasa flow. Greg and Madeleine have been teaching their Acroyoga for Couples’ Communication workshop in Portland for the last four months.