The Understated Orchestra with Focused Listening Experience

The Understated Orchestra (with focused listening experience) is brought to What the Festival by Hello Lovely (Christopher Freeman and Lou Watson). Bringing attention to the overlooked, and finding pleasure in the pedestrian, Hello Lovely encourages you to pause for a moment and join the open-invitation orchestra to make a simple bowl sing, or appreciate the vibrations of ping pong balls, slinkys and single strings.  For those who want to get even deeper into the listening, the group has tin-can telephones, 3d printed acoustic parabolas and ear trumpets to help focus your ears. Sit close and contribute to a quiet texture of calm within the Kaleidoscope of What the Festival.

About The Creator

Lou Watson has shown experimental sound, video and performance work in festivals, galleries and museums in Australia, Canada, Germany, UK and the United States. Christopher Freeman is a musician who cites his influences as Psithurism and other sounds on the edge of perception, plus the electronic adventures of Bruce Haack.