Garden Gallery: Aspen Moon Art

Mandala, which means “wheel” in Sanskrit, is also the word used to describe the a spiritual and ritual symbol for the Universe, or everything that is. Elaborating on this idea, mandalas are often used as a mystic symbol for the Universe, used to guide or structure meditation or trance space. Mandala is also a compound word, made up of manda, meaning “essence,” and la, meaning “container.” In other words, the mandala can mean a container for the true essence of a thing.

Aspen has been exploring and painting visionary imagery in Salt Lake City, Utah since 2011. His work has been featured in local publications as well as at several local and regional art festivals. He holds a MA in Art History and draws on his knowledge of symbolism and art from many cultures to influence his works. Mandalas have been a focal point as well as a source of influence from his beginnings—using the mandala as a structure for skill development, meditation, and journey work, as well as for content, design, and composition.