Creature Cocoons

There was a strange phenomenon that occurred last year deep inside the Illuminated Forest and 2017 promises no different. The alluring nests of yesteryear incubating glowing creature eggs have somehow evolved or taken on another form to hang among the trees of the forest as glowing pods of light. These pods, or perhaps cocoons, bounce and sway and glow; a metamorphosis blooming inside. They vary in size and shape and are ubiquitous throughout the bustling forest. Whatever creature you may imagine is growing inside these pods is up to you; however one thing is undeniable: these cocoons definitely have a curious effect upon those brave enough to take a closer look.

About the Creators

Oregonism is a small group of artists, biologists, makers and friends who have a passion for What the Festival and contributing to the experience through our “sculptural environments” curated especially for the Illuminated Forest. We are interested in the hub of energy that emanates from this specially curated element of What the Festival that sets it apart from others.