LED Triforce: In Memorial of Tim Toner: a Friend, a Brother, a Son and Father

The Triforce, also referred to as the “Golden Power” or “Master Force”, is the physical manifestation of the Goddesses’ power according to the Legend of Zelda. The mind is a powerful tool and the Triforce can anchor to your hopes and dreams if you find it. The power of prayer is scientifically backed so we encourage you to seek out the Triforce and take a moment to make a wish in front of it. But beware! DO NOT TOUCH the Triforce for it may shatter into pieces if you do not have courage, power and wisdom in PERFECT harmony. The pyramids were built as a giant instrument – they functioned as enormous sundials and compasses. The sacred pyramid form is not only the strongest but symbolizes the harmonious union of the human with the Higher Self.

Combining myth, fantasy and history this Triforce can aid your journey through this experience.