The Magical Photo Rickshaw Presents Galacticats

They’re back! Making a brief stopover during their return voyage to their home planet Purrcury, The Galacticats have once again landed on the Wolf Run Ranch’s Plateau. The mission: document a highly evolved human music festival. They are just beginning to scratch the surface – AND THEY NEED YOUR HELP!
Assist these brave catstronauts in unraveling a universal ball of yarn by compiling photographic data to better understand their curiously whiskerless subjects. Start your journey by entering the photo chamber aboard the MEOWS-II expawloratory craft. Pose for pictures with your comrades wearing the latest in high tech astronomic apurral and play with shiny toys. Prance and pounce to the specatular What The Festival sounds or lounge with a kindle of kittens. Your reward for assisting in this most vital of meowsions will be one Earth Polaroid which can be exchanged for shiny objects on Purrcury or saved for your own collection.