Mother’s Terrariums

Abbey Blake’s work is rooted and inspired by her discoveries of the natural world. It has become important to Blake to recreate her natural explorations by creating a similar experience for the viewer within the gallery setting, however this installation is to create more of an indoor and mystical environment within the Illuminated Forest. Transparent houses filled with light and laser cut paper installations will be interactive spaces in the forest that the viewer with be able to walk into but also see illuminated from afar. Because the houses or human-like terrariums will be made from plexiglass, the paper installations will change in appearance throughout the entire day with the change of natural light and with operated light by night. The work is meant to compliment the beauty and importance of the natural world and its influence on us, even while living in a technological age. By using organic forms as matrices, the work is produced by using both, traditional and nontraditional materials. Blake hopes to achieve an appreciation of both through the work and its content.