Storytime with Lazercorn

Come get silly! Lazercorn has pranced her way to What The Festival from a faraway magical land to bring you giggles and stories. Join a crowd participatory improv story time as we dress up in costumes and use our group imagination to go on an enchanting adventure. We inspire creativity and fun through creating a performance that brings festival goers directly into the action. Our performance allows for a connection to be formed with the inner child to be explored through play. We believe that performing expands the imagination, suspends disbelief, and encourages play. It is our hope to pass the spotlight on to our participants, sharing our passion to as many people as possible.

About the Creator

Lazercorn is the unicorn lord of the lazers. Here to inspire love, creativity and shenanigans! She was born in the playa dust of Burning Man 2012 and since then has become a beloved unicorn pal to all.