The Glam Clam

The Glam Clam 2017 is awash in of a sea sensual funk and luxurious disco. Joining her righteousness The Glam Clam is The Glitterati, her posse of jewel encrusted jellyfish and a forest of psychedelic sea kelp. Fulfill your funkiest fantasies in this glamorous underwater seascape while lounging around in the jellyfish grotto or auditioning for freak of the week on the disco dance floors.

About The Creators

The World’s Most Glamorous Clam™ is the brainchild of Holly Hogan and Christina Glabas, aka Portland’s most glamorous artistic duo. We aim to bring the dazzle of the undersea world to sea level and beyond by creating visually arresting and playful sculptures and spaces using upcycled objects, lighting elements, crystals, and fabrics. We are inspired by the outrageous style and design of the disco era and the infinite beauty that can be seen in the alien world of the deep sea.