The Jack

Instantly recognizable yet simultaneously alien, the JACK is a large interactive sculpture that encourages participants to rediscover play. The JACK is an 18` long inflatable, made from double-layered highly-reflective aluminized vinyl. Despite being larger than a small truck, the JACK weighs only 140 pounds and can easily be rolled, lifted, or bounced.

About the Creator

Chromaforms is the collective effort of Martin Taylor, a designer and engineer, and Colin Bowring an artist and fabricator. Colin’s artistic experiments with mirrors, prisms, and bubbles in his workshop in San Francisco’s Mission have made him known in the Bay Area as “the Mission Wizard”.

After reading about the Echo Satellite program that sent giant chrome balloons into space, the duo was inspired to make their own giant chrome UFO to surprise and delight the denizens of San Francisco’s Dolores Park. After months of research, the duo discovered a rare material used for making giant inflatable chrome burritos. This material would be used to create “The JACK,” an enormous version of the iconic childern’s toy. By blowing this insignificant object up to gigantic proportions Chromaforms invites audiences to rediscover their own inner sense of curiosity and play.