Aabo is the moniker of Aaron Bortz, an Oakland, CA based producer and DJ. Aabo’s forward-pushing sound defies genres and takes into account his vast slew of influences.

At a young age, Aaron’s life was driven and intensified by the presence of music. his head was filled with Jazz ever since he was a baby. Banging around on a piano, by ear, then later studying guitar and bass, it was known that music was always his lifeblood. From the moment of touching his first instrument, Hip-hop, Jazz, funk, R&B and other musics of the African Diaspora, became his influential go-to. Years of performing around the US in various groups influenced by the music of Fela Kuti & James Brown, brought Aabo to his next mission; to refine his skills as a producer and DJ.

2016 will mark an important breakout year for the young electronic-musician. The anticipated forthcoming album, entitled, FEEL, will bring his painstaking work to greater audiences, alongside long-time vocal collaborator, Lafa Taylor. In addition to FEEL, Aabo has an EP slated for release with fellow producer, Tiger Fresh, as well as an additional solo EP and other collaborations.

Aabo’s music has gotten nods from the likes of Mass Appeal, Earmilk, Too Future, Team Supreme, NestHQ, Afropunk, Huffington Post,, and has been remixed by StarRo, Flamingosis, Penthouse Penthouse, Vindata, Mikos Da Gawd, and many more.