Asher Fulero Band

Musical veteran Asher Fulero has been delivering the goods for 20 years in an incredibly wide range of stage and studio projects and is known as a consummate Pianist/Keyboardist of the highest order, a prolific and eclectic Composer/Producer, and a creatively inquisitive musical catalyst who inspires those around him.

Previously known mostly for high-end sideman/session work, big tribute/specialty shows, and fringe original projects, Asher finally decided to cross the threshold to frontman status in 2013, creating an ultra-tight 5-piece ensemble based in Portland Oregon that delivers a clear vision and an undeniable top-shelf groove.

The powerful, satisfying sound blends Funk/Jazz-Fusion and Classic/Progressive Rock with the psychedelic, improvisational bent of the Jam-Band culture all played by experienced masters who can shred their instruments into the ground yet also know when to hold back and support each other.

Led by Fulero’s powerfully impressive keyboard work, the band bobs and weaves through his complex original arrangements as easily as it turns on a dime to rework them into new spaces at a signal from their leader, taking listeners on a danceable journey through all the favorite funky, rockin’, and futuristic jam-band territories.

The group’s debut full-length studio album, ‘Catching Air’, was released in October 2015 and showcases six Fulero originals with guest cameo appearances from Grammy-winning Producer/Saxophonist Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) and Singer/Mandolinist Mimi Naja (Fruition).

Recorded and Mixed by West Coast studio hero Justin Phelps (Amanda Richards, Cake, The Mars Volta, Joe Satriani, Neville Brothers, Dresden Dolls, Mr. Bungle), the album sounds warm, detailed and 3-dimensional with a better-than-live feel that captures the electric magic of the band’s inspired improvisation, powerful energetic builds and unapologetically long arrangements that give the band plenty of room to groove and create space for Asher to display his keyboard ferocity.

In September 2016 the band released ‘Airborne’, a live album complete with video. Again embracing long, extended arrangements, the videos are captivatingly edited and capture the band on it’s home turf at Portland’s legendary Goodfoot Lounge.

Backed by a live light show from NW legend Lights Up Loud (now LD for The Motet), the videos showcase some of Fulero’s unique and incredible keyboard techniques for the first time, truly demonstrating the breadth of his keyboard prowess and his complete mastery of his Nord keyboard (Fulero is endorsed as a ‘Nord Artist’ since 2004).

The band is assembled from some of the finest players in the incredibly rich Portland Oregon music scene: bassist Brett McConnell (Shafty, Fresh Track), drummer Murray Gusseck (Emulator, Blackstar RIsing), and guitarists Darvey Santner (Goodfoot Allstars, Yak Attack) and Nathan Day (Big Island Shindig, Foster’s Kids).