Devadasi Dance Collective

The Devadasi Dance Collective is a collaborative weaving of Temple Dance artists featuring Classical, folkloric, and modern fusion dance lineages from around the world, specifically the Silk Road and India. Here we merge the serpentine, sensual and earthy embodiment of Tribal Belly Dance, the devotional intention, beauty and technical influence of Classical Indian Temple Dance, and the cutting edge ingenuity of modern fusion. Rooted deeply in the spirit of devotion, it is a moving ritual of feminine beauty and radiance inspiring the union of body, heart, mind and spirit. Through ritual, invocation and heart offering, the epiphany of this work sends tangible waves of inspiration and remembrance through it’s witnesses. As artists and Priestesses of the Beauty Way, our mission is to catalyze the awakening of Beauty, Truth, and consciousness through the timeless art and embodied medicine that is Temple Dance.