To Dubblife, memories and music are synonymous. In his hometown of Texas, his music-loving family created a rich culture that birthed and fostered his love for music at a very young age. Crediting his mother for the nonstop flow of music that moved through their home, his influences range from Classic Soul and R&B, to 80’s New Wave, to Electro Garage, to Chopped and Screwed music. Now this DJ is all grown up, and his head-nod-worthy credentials only serve to prove: While musicality is perhaps hereditary in some folks- never discount the power of osmosis.

In 2002, Dubblife began his career as a professional DJ that both, as he explains, “Keeps me grounded, yet has taken me to another continent.” During the last 14 years, traveling to and even residing in other states such as California, Pennsylvania, and Oregon has provided the opportunity for Dubblife to skillfully fine-tune his craft, and open for an impressive list of artists such as Young Dolph, Tre Redeau, Mic Capes and Mic Mar. In addition, his eloquent “ghost-writing” skills have been commissioned by a number of California-based Indie rap and R&B artists.

Dubblife enjoys experimenting with new sounds and can be found playing a wide spectrum of styles guaranteed to excite even the most demanding and diverse crowds. Spinning a masterful mix of Contemporary and Classic Hip Hop, R&B, authentic House, Trap, Screwed Music, Classic & Neo Soul, Jersey Club music, and Darkwave, it is well-known: Wherever there is Dubblife, there is dance floor life.

A current resident of Portland, OR Dubblife is highly sought after and involved in the city’s ever-evolving and rapidly growing nightlife scene. Creating and curating events such as “Motion” and “FLUX” has proven successful for this popular DJ who has been enticing club-goers to party every week at Blackbook for well over a year. Many public and private events such as “The Get Down PDX,” “Y.G.B. PDX,” “The Culture Series” at Weiden + Kennedy and many more have all flourished thanks to his presence and participation. You can find Dubblife at his other current residencies which include Sticks & Stones Accessories, for which he is the official DJ, Blackbook PDX for “FLUX,” Fortune PDX, Swift PDX for “Legendary Mondays,” Sticks & Stones for “First Thursday,” and Motion at Jade Club, monthly.