Heather Christie

 Heather Christie is a solo artist who works with a dynamic array of music producers, singers, dancers, and instrumentalists. She was featured on American Idol’s Finale Season. Deemed a ‘vocal tour de force’, this singer, producer and songwriter conjures comparisons to singers like Little Dragon, Sia, and BANKS, with a soulful twist of her own.
Growing up in the West Coast music festival scene, Heather had her first exposure to live music at age four when she saw the Grateful Dead with her parents. Shortly after that, her grandparents took her to the Broadway musical ‘Oliver’, and thus began Heather’s strange calling between jam bands and musical theatre. She turned her attention to modern dance in college, after being disillusioned by the world of professional musical theatre. Increasing her presence in the electronic music scene at the same time, Heather’s music has become a refreshing product of live musical soul, and dance-oriented beat production.
Heather’s live set is a fusion of soulful vocals, live instrumentation, and electronic dance songs. Rooted in beats with hip-hop, trap, and deep house rhythms, Heather’s voice is a feminine force that rides melodically on top. With guest Vir McCoy (Hamsa Lila) on bass and guitar, the performance is a riveting pleasure both visually and for the ears. Heather’s charisma feeds a soulful spot inside her audiences, and uplifts listeners with an inspiration that stays with them long after the show.