Lafa Taylor

Criss-crossing the intersection of intelligent Hip Hop, R&B, and Electronic Dance Music, Lafa Taylor is a colorful West Coast based singer, rapper, and producer. Lafa’s gritty, sexy, bass heavy beats confidently blur boundaries and captivate listeners with diverse musical tastes. His collage of tasteful multi tempo music, keeps people dancing and engaged. With a vocal style that ranges from smooth melodies to tongue twisting rapid rhymes, Lafa’s music carries a message of inspiration and activation that is relatable and encourages people to be their unique selves. Drawing on his Costa Rican / American heritage and world travels, Lafa’s lyrics have an international flavor spiced with Spanish, Patois and Japanese.

A masterful beat boxer, Lafa often creates loops on the spot to add to the mix. He is frequently accompanied by backup singers and a cast of live musicians. Witty and well spoken, light hearted yet deep, Lafa’s live shows are energetic, dynamic and soulful. Bringing people into the moment, Lafa has a great talent for welcoming and connecting with his audience, and working with the energy of the crowd. He has mesmerized audiences at such festivals as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Shambhala, and Electric Forest. Watch for this international man of music as he continues to spread love and bass wherever he plugs in.