Laura Lynn

Laura Lynn is a DJ based in Portland, Oregon. Her current influences come from underground deep house, tech house and techno with older roots in classic rock, soul, indie dance, italo disco and electro pop.

Born in enchanting Taos, New Mexico and the daughter of legendary Americana singer/songwriter Michael Martin Murphey, from an early age music was in every part of Laura Lynn’s life. With this broad musical background grew a very personal romance in digging for music. Her love grew across many old and new genres, finding the best in each that she explored. With this massive collection of music she began DJing in 2009.

Laura Lynn has the ability to move between many different genres with ease, and her subtle and smooth mixing style in turn reflects her positive and engaging presence behind the decks. She intends for her sets to never be predictable, and for the dance floor to engage with her in a journey being told with sound. She has played festival and club gigs across major cities the US and around the world with many well known artists and DJs from multiple genres of electronic music.

Laura Lynn has shared the stage with artists and DJs such as Ryan Crosson, Joyce Muniz, Blond:ish, Oliver $, Eddie C, Justin Martin, JPhlip, Tone of Arc, Dave Aju, Canson, Solar, Droog, Galen, Nikola Baytala, PillowTalk, Bit Funk, Prince Club, Woolfy, Justin Baule, Shiny Objects, Split Secs, dAvi A, Ecce, Adeline, Plastic Plates, Chloe Harris, Will Renault, Tocayo, and many more.