Santi & Tuğçe

Santi & Tuğçe’s music is eclectic and innovative, with smooth, soulful melodies set to Global, Afro-Latin and Electronic dance floor rhythms. It is a sonic adventure that takes you all the way from a little town on the coast of the Black Sea to the shores of the Parana River. As Sounds and Colours magazine describes it, “it is a deeply sensual experience, one that is felt beyond the mind, and eyes; it playfully leaves you with a sense of the inexplicable, and fills you with wonder”. Santi (from Asunción, Paraguay) & Tuğçe (from Istanbul, Turkey) have performed live in the US, Brazil, Costa Rica and Paraguay, and collaborated on three albums: Cíclico (2014), Songs for Another Day (2015), and El Regreso del Gallito (2016). Their latest album was released by Frente Bolivarista in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and received wide critical acclaim. Thump Vice Brazil noted that with El Regreso del Gallito, “Santi & Tuğçe rewrote Paraguayan folklore” and Red Bull Music Academy Panamérika lauded it as a great production. Currently residing in the U.S., Santi & Tuğçe have a new album planned for 2017.