Stööki Sound

Stööki Sound is one of the three elements of Stööki (Sound, Vision, & Play) and is comprised of DJ Lukey and Jelacee. The London duo has established themselves by pushing boundaries within the Bass music scene while also staying true to their roots in Grime and Hip-Hop.

From numerous U.S. tours, including the Keys N’ Krates Midnite Mass Tour, to several successful voyages around the globe bringing them to Australia, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and beyond, Stööki Sound have brought their unique energy to global stages, satiating the demand of their rapidly growing fan base.

The duo recently launched their independent record label, Ö.N.E Worldwide, with the debut of their Osiris EP, which includes 7 original tracks that showcase their unique blend of Grime, Trap, Electronica, and Hip-Hop, as well as Jelacee’s debut as the group’s lead vocalist.

Stööki Sound’s whirlwind journey across the world continues with a major appearance at What The Festival, taking the #STÖÖKIMOVEMENT to new heights well into 2017 and beyond.