True Blue

True Blue has been teaching and performing Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) in her hometown San Francisco, and across the U.S., since 2012. Blue is part of an active rope community in the Bay Area, teaching classes and hosting events regularly, and running a suspension performance booth at Folsom Street Fair each year.

She is deeply committed to the art and the intimate practice of Shibari, and the depths of trust, vulnerability and communication that it requires of both partners. In that vein, she facilitates Roundtables for Rope Bottoms in SF, and has presented Rope Bottoming education at Bondage Expo Dallas and Anatomie Studios London.

Most of Blue’s teaching and performing has been as half of the duo Bondage Erotique, but she has also branched out, and as a rigger, to launch a Women Tying Women series, and perform at events such as Twisted Windows and Vau de Vire Society productions.

Blue appreciates the opportunity to empower women and female identified practitioners in this intimate artform, and was recently recognized in an article by Vice Magazine as one of the leaders in the world of Shibari who are challenging the male dominated dynamics, and providing more balanced gender representations.