WoW MoMs

WoW MoMs are just a couple of freshly divorced and actively separated 5O something’s. Tammy (Tam-a-ram-a-ding-dong) and Barb (Barb-a-ran) met in a Zumba class in New Jersey and have been inseparable ever since. They are on a mission to “find themselves” and have started with the festival scene. Their kids told them it was a good, accepting place to explore their freedom and to connect with others. They are here to share some stories, some lessons , and some songs that were “hip” when they were young. Not to mention- they provide snacks! So come sing along, dance along, and play along. Grab a carpet square and cozy up with the WoW MoMs while they remind you about the perks of keeping a clean room, and share stories about such things as how they first discovered their deep love for vacuuming and white wine.