Visual Artist & Performing Artist FAQ

2017 Visual & Performing Artist Submissions Are Now Closed.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your art at What The Festival 2017!  Artful experiences will be situated throughout The Illuminated Forest, around The Plateau and at Camp Hosts East & West.

You can find some examples of past installations HERE.

As you put together your proposal to submit your visual or performance art [NOT MUSIC] please keep the following information in mind. 

What We Are Looking For:
  • Interactive art and artful experiences that hold interest in both daylight and evening hours.
  • Performance art that engages and inspires.
  • Installations and night time performances should include some element of lighting.
  • We accept existing work, and newly proposed work specifically built to be unveiled and experienced at the festival.
  • Your work and your performance(s) should be able to survive the elements of the natural environment (wind, dust, bright sunshine and potentially rain).
  • We do not accept submissions for stage-based performance art. If you are applying to create performance art please consider that your piece will need to be interactive and potentially roaming throughout the festival grounds.
  • Performance art is not music. It is related to movement, or physical performance, there can be a musical component but DO NOT apply as a performance artist if you are a DJ or a band.
Deadlines & Important Dates:
  • Visual Art and Performing Art Applications open on December 14th, 2016 close on March 15, 2017.
  • Please note that applications are accepted on a rolling basis and will be considered and/or accepted partially based on the order submitted.
  • All artists will be responded to by April 1, 2017 (you may hear from someone from our team sooner).
  • At a minimum, artists and/or their crews will need to have availability between the dates of June 14th – 20th, 2017 for set-up, a lighting/tech rehearsal, an artist meet and greet on opening night, throughout the festival dates to be sure their art is functioning properly and for strike and take down thereafter.
  • What The Festival will provide a number of working and/or site visit days leading up to the festival at the festival’s discretion.
Art Grants & Passes:
  • What The Festival provides a number of grants for artists to display their work(s). Please take transportation, materials, installation, strike, time on site, etc. into consideration when considering the level of needs for the grant to cover.
  • Visual Artist & Performing Artist camping is walk in only. If artists would like to car or RV camp please take this into consideration in the total cost of your grant since you will need to purchase a RV or Car Camping pass. Please see additional notes on artist car or RV camping in the Transportation & Parking section. VISUAL ARTIST AND PERFORMING ARTIST CAR AND RV CAMPING IS NOW FULL.
  • What The Festival will also consider ticket trades in lieu of monetary grants where appropriate.
  • There will be a limited number of tickets made available for artists/crews. Please keep this in mind when applying and only include essential crew members on your application and note that artist tickets are not available for re-sale and are non-transferrable.
  • There is no specific Visual Artist / Performing Artist vending at What The Festival. Applications for vending can be found under the Get Involved page and will involve a separate application process.
  • Artists may not offer goods or services for sale unless they have been specifically contracted to do so with the What The Festival Vendor Manager.
Power & Tools:
  • Power is provided and available as a part of your art experience. You will need to alert the What The Festival team as to your power needs in advance, including any requirements for set up and strike.
  • Artists are expected to bring any and all tools needed for set up, strike and running their installations or performances. If additional tools or heavy equipment is needed please request this far in advance.
Transportation & Parking:
  • All artists will need to transport their work(s) to and from the festival. The art must arrive and leave in the time schedule outlined with the festival in advance.
  • If oversize parking is needed for artist transportation, please advance this information to the festival.
  • A specified number of WEST parking passes will be included in any Visual Artist/Performing Artist offer. Additional parking passes are available for purchase through the What The Festival website. If you purchase additional parking pass(es) please purchase WEST Parking, to ensure that your car will be near Visual Artist /Performing Artist camping and services.
  • Once your car is parked it cannot be moved during the festival.
  • If you need to purchase a Visual Artist / Performing Artist RV or car camping pass, please contact us, as we will provide a special single use link to purchase this. VISUAL ARTIST AND PERFORMING ARTIST CAR AND RV CAMPING IS NOW FULL.
  • When you arrive on site with your art, you will be expected to off load your art from your car into our provided What The Festival transportation. You cannot drive your car to your art site except in special circumstances with proper advancement.
  • What The Festival is a camping festival. Please note that you and your crew must be self sufficient and that means showers, meals, vendors, etc may not be available outside of festival days.
  • Visual Artist / Performing Artist camping is walk-in only.
  • Visual Artist / Performing Artist facilities are open to Visual Artists / Performing Artists only.
  • Visual Artists / Performing Artists will have a kitchen set up and ready to use for their needs, including cooking, for set up and strike. Please note our fire policy disallowing personal camp stoves.
  • Food or catering is not provided for Visual Artists / Performing Artists. Vendors will not be on site outside of festival days.
  • Once your camp is pitched and/or car or RV is placed, it cannot be moved for the duration of the festival. All early arrivals, including Visual and Performing Artists, will be placed in Visual Artist / Performing Artist camping located on the WEST side of the festival.
  • If your non Visual Artist / Performing Artist friends would like to camp near you at What The Festival, please have them purchase WEST camping options.
  •  West showers will be free to use during set up and strike with a Visual Artist / Performing Artist wristband. Each Visual Artist / Performing Artist will receive one shower pass upon arrival to use during the festival as they see fit. Additional showers may be purchased during the festival.
  • Please note that What The Festival is a leave-no trace festival. Help us by ensuring that your art and camping sites are both left clean.